Mod Kits

Rapid Fire and button remapping mod kits designed for PS5 Dualsense controllers, with easy installation.

  • PS5 TrueFire-DS Rapid Fire Mod Kit

    PS5 TrueFire-DS V1.01 Rapid fire Mod Kit

       This mod works with all versions of Call of Duty, Battlefield and many other games.       Our Mods are undetectable when used in online play and you cannot be banned for using one of our Mod Kits. So you can feel safe...

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  • PS5 TrueFire-ReFLEX V1.01 button remapping flex mod

    PS5 ReFlex V1.01 Programmable Button Remapping Flex

        You are looking at a Console Customs Solution to adding remappable buttons to your controller. You can now easily build your own custom Controller without paying outrageous prices for a pre-moded controller. Our Reflex Remapper Flex...

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